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Injury Care Centers are medical facilities specifically focused on treating patients injured in car accidents, an unexpected slip and fall or an on-the-job injury. We provide all of the services that you would expect to receive for non-life threatening injuries at the ER without the hassle of long wait times. We also offer a full range of physical therapy and medical procedures for pain control. Our focus is treating injuries, not illnesses. Many of our patients are referred to us by their primary care physicians in the greater Jacksonville area.

Our physicians at Injury Care Centers provide comprehensive treatment therapies that encompass the entire body and include injuries to shoulders, knees, wrist, whiplash, back and neck pain and headaches. We develop a treatment plan that works for you. We welcome you into our practice regardless of whether or not you have insurance. Your health and helping you achieve the best quality of life is our priority.

An ER Alternative

It takes just seconds for a car accident to change your life. And it happens every day. That’s why it is important to get an immediate, thorough medical evaluation. As an alternative to the ER, Injury Care Centers are led by board certified medical and chiropractic physicians who conduct thorough evaluations and identify the most common serious injuries associated with auto accidents, such as soft tissue injuries, which are often overlooked in emergency rooms and most urgent care facilities.

An accurate diagnosis during your initial treatment is crucial; otherwise, your medical benefits may be limited and your best chance at a full recovery may be jeopardized.

In order to receive full auto accident benefits, you must see a doctor within 14 days of the incident. The ER can be unnecessarily expensive if your injury is not life-threatening and your benefits may be exhausted after just one visit. Unlike an ER—where wait times can span hours—there’s no waiting at Injury Care Centers. Our physicians see you immediately, conduct a complete analysis of your medical situation, and treat all of your medical complaints.

We look forward to providing the care you need at any one of our seven locations throughout Jacksonville, FL. Call us at 904.783.0008 to schedule an appointment.

Why You Need to See a Doctor Right Away

As most people in Florida will be aware, if you’ve been caught up in a road traffic accident and want your claim for PIP insurance payout to be a valid one, it’s important that you have an appropriate assessment by a trained medical professional within a 14 days of the event taking place. If you are in this unpleasant situation, it’s vital that you ensure that you have a thorough examination as soon as possible after the accident has taken place. Even if your injuries don’t appear particularly severe initially, it’s still important to get fully checked out.

Prompt Medical Evaluation Helps You Claim the PIP Insurance You’re Entitled To

It’s important to note that there is a difference in the amount you can claim, depending if your injuries are assessed as an emergency medical condition (EMC) or a non-EMC. With respect to the former, the maximum PIP insurance claim is $10,000; the non-EMC maximum claim is $2,500. Unfortunately, if you don’t get your injuries assessed promptly, it could be the case that symptoms are overlooked. Many people may feel relatively well immediately following a crash, only for injury symptoms to show up days or even weeks later. If you delayed obtaining a medical assessment, perhaps because you didn’t realize how badly hurt you were, your insurer could decide that you’re not eligible for the EMC level of coverage, even though you may have hidden injuries which later come to light and require significant treatment. In addition, a trained medical provider can spot suspicious symptoms and make sure you get the additional diagnostic testing, X-rays or scans you need to check for serious trauma. This is why you need to see a doctor right away following an accident. To safeguard your health as well as make sure you are able to obtain the insurance coverage you need to get your injuries treated, assessment by a trained medical provider needs to be a priority.

We Offer a Fast, Compassionate Alternative to the ER

If you’re not suffering from life-threatening injuries, we can provide the detailed assessment and diagnosis you need, as well as compile an appropriate report for your personal injury attorney and/or primary care provider. This will give them all the information they need to move your claim or treatment forward. To find out more, call us at (904) 783-0008.


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