How Does Direct Primary Care Work?

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Direct Primary Care

If you have been involved in an accident in St. Augustine, FL, and suffered pain or discomfort. As a result, you need to work with an accident doctor to identify the injury and arrive at a treatment plan. You’ll find that direct primary care can be a good option for this. What does direct primary care mean, and how does it work?

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One of the most interesting aspects of working with an accident doctor who uses a direct primary care model is that you can become a member of that doctor’s practice, in a sense. In direct primary care, the doctor charges a one-time annual fee that offers you access to dramatic discounts on any and all treatments provided by the doctor with no deductible costs at all. This ensures that patients with high-deductible health insurance can pay cash and save money while still receiving the treatment they need, but also offers a number of other benefits.

One of those benefits is that they are able to spend more time with each patient. Because doctors are no longer bound to stipulations of insurers, or forced to get patients in and out as quickly as possible, they are able to spend more time with each patient and provide more comprehensive care.

Another benefit here is that you don’t have to worry about insurance red tape, which can be detrimental. Imagine not having to worry about meeting high deductibles, being able to save money on any treatment you need, and still having the blanket protection offered by insurance for emergencies.

Depending on the practice in question, there can be many other benefits to direct primary care. For instance, as a paying member, you might have your choice of appointment times, including same-day appointments. You might be able to discuss things with your doctor over the phone, or completely avoid copays in the first place. Routine tests and procedures are often covered by your membership fee, or you might find that specific services are offered at a discount to members.

Will direct primary care do away with health insurance? No, it will not. However, it does offer a wide range of benefits, including significant savings on all treatments provided through the practice, the ability to avoid paying high deductibles, more freedom for doctors, and reduced overhead for the medical practice.

So, if you have been injured and are seeking an accident doctor, you should certainly consider working with one who offers direct primary care. You’ll find that the financial savings and greater peace of mind make a significant difference in your life.


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