How Long Does It Take to Heal Lower Back Pain?

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Back pain Treatment

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When someone has suffered an injury to the lower back, one of the most frequent questions they are going to ask the back doctor is just how long it is going to take for their back to heal. The answer is not as clear-cut as many people might hope for the simple reason that there can be different causes for the back pain. To determine how long the pain might last, the back doctor will need to determine what is causing the pain in the first place.

In many instances, the minor lower back pain will resolve itself in a matter of days. This tends to happen when the pain is due to stress in the body, lifting something incorrectly or too heavy, or over-exercising. It can also develop when a person has bad posture. By taking it easy and correcting any bad habits, such as improper posture or lifting, the pain will go away. You simply need to address what is causing the pain, and the fix it.

However, in other cases, the lower back pain can be more severe, and it can be chronic. In these cases, it is generally a good idea to go to an urgent care center or walk-in clinic to have it looked at. This is not typically the type of problem you would take to an emergency room.

Those who have been in accidents and who had the pain manifest after a few days will find that visiting a back doctor or heading to the urgent care clinic for help is a good option. The same is true of those who may have suffered a sports injury, or an injury that is due to a degenerative condition. These types of injuries need to have specialized care and treatment.

A quality walk-in clinic, such as Injury Care Clinic located in Jacksonville, FL can provide you with the help you need. Back doctors can offer a range or pain management services and therapeutic programs that can help to deal with the specific back pain that you are suffering. They work to help you deal with the pain and improve your overall condition. Because each patient is different, you will want to speak with the doctor about your prognosis and just how long it might take for the lower back pain to finally heal for you.


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