How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Whiplash Injury?

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June 14, 2018
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Whiplash Injury Treatment

Whiplash injury is most commonly a result of car accidents when the vehicle you are in has been rear-ended. Other causes, which are relatively rare, include football injuries, assault, and bungee jumping. The whiplash occurs when the head and the neck are forced backward and forward in a sudden motion. This causes extreme stress on the cervical spine. These types of injuries can be very painful.

The most common symptom of this type of injury is neck pain. The pain can be mild, and it could cause a feeling of tingling, like pins and needles, on the neck. In some instances, the pain can be quite severe. Some of the other potential symptoms include stiffness in the neck, which can cause a reduced range of motion, headaches, upper back or shoulder pain, and instability of the neck. In some instances, numbness can radiate down the shoulder or arms, as well.

Sometimes, the pain from the injury will be present right after the accident. However, many times it will take 24hrs or more before the injury presents itself and begins to cause problems. People who are in accidents often don’t seek treatment right away because they think the pain is just going to go away on its own. That is not always the case.
Those who are suffering from whiplash want to know just how long it will take for the recovery process. While many people will recover fully within about three months, it can often depend on the severity of the injury and whether they receive any treatment and therapy that can help with the recovery. In some instances, the pain of the injury can last for much longer. However, getting therapy can help immensely.

People who have been in incidents that resulted in whiplash, or what they believe could be whiplash, should get in touch with a medical professional as soon as they can. In most cases, going to an urgent care clinic can help you to get evaluated, so you can get the help needed and start the road to recovery.

If you are located in the Jacksonville area and have sustained a whiplash injury, you should make it a point to get the help and treatment you need sooner rather than later. Injury Care Centers offers a wealth of options for treatment and therapy to help with these types of injuries sustained in a car accident.


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