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Text Neck Syndrome

Now, more than ever before, neck pain has become increasingly common. This is especially true for those who have desk jobs and sit for long periods. However, looking at a mobile phone or tablet all day can also lead to neck pain in Jacksonville, FL. Even small children are now playing mobile games, which exposes them to text neck syndrome from a young age.

Defining Text Neck Syndrome

Text neck is a partially flexed position of the neck that is often used when interacting with mobile devices. Keeping the neck in this position for an extended period can create a muscular imbalance. With phones, computers, and televisions taking up so much of our time, it’s important to be aware of this problem and work to avoid it before it causes damage.

Preventing Text Neck Syndrome

The number one way to avoid text neck syndrome is by staying away from situations where your neck is placed into poor posture. This includes texting, using the computer, driving, reading, and using mobile apps. While most of us can’t stop all of these things all of the time, it’s important to consider the problems extended activities of these sorts can cause. Moderation is key to preventing this type of neck pain in Jacksonville, FL.

Be Sure to Take Breaks

Even when you have to be staring at your computer for a long period, such as at work, you should be taking consistent breaks. This allows your neck to go back to proper posture and can prevent any additional problems with neck pain. Even if you’re just at home playing a mobile game, take the time to look up occasionally and move around to let your neck get a small break.

Strengthen Neck Muscles

Seeking out exercises that keep your neck strong can prevent neck pain from text neck syndrome. Use your posterior neck muscles while exercising, as these are the most often ignored during the day to day activities. There’s nothing saying you have to stop using your devices, but you need to take precautions to avoid causing problems.

Speak Up

If you have neck pain, it isn’t an indication of weakness. Even the biggest, toughest people out there can suffer from muscle pain. Take time to strengthen and stretch your neck muscles to ensure fewer complications later on. If you already have neck pain, it may be time to see a professional.

At Injury Care Centers, we can help diagnose and treat neck pain of all sorts. If you’re experiencing pain and need some help alleviating it, get in touch with us at


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