Post-Traumatic Injuries Caused By a Car Crash

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Post-Traumatic Injuries After a Car Crash

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Car accidents can be terrifying experiences, even in those cases when the initial crash and damages to your body might not seem severe. People tend to have different reactions after a crash, and sometimes, the physical, emotional, and mental ramifications of a car accident are not known right away. There is a range of different types of post-traumatic injuries that can manifest in the days or the weeks after the car crash. In those cases, it is advisable to head to an accident injury clinic for help as soon as you can.

One of the most common symptoms that will appear a day or more after the crash is a headache. In some cases, this may be mild and nothing for you to worry about. Other times, the problem can be far more severe. It could indicate that there is a serious injury to the head or neck, or perhaps a concussion or blood clot in the brain.

Neck and shoulder stiffness will also often appear after the initial crash. Another common term for this type of injury would be whiplash. These types of injuries will often occur when someone was rear-ended in a collision. These can be serious, and they can lead to lasting pain. Often, this type of injury will require x-rays and other scans to determine the severity of the issue.

Back pain is another very common injury that will arise after the accident. It could be due to problems with the muscles, the ligaments, or the nerves, and in some instances, it could even be caused by damage to the vertebrae.
Those who experience abdominal swelling or pain after an accident could be suffering from internal bleeding. Those who are dealing with a loss of feeling in their arms and hands could be suffering from damage to the spinal column, which will sometimes be an indicator that the patient has suffered from whiplash.

Of course, there are also psychological and emotional elements to consider. Many who have a car crash will experience post-traumatic stress disorder. They might have nightmares and visit memories of the accident. Some will even have flashbacks to the accident.

Those who have been in an accident and who are finding that they have any of these types of symptoms should be sure to visit an accident injury clinic in St. Augustine, FL. Injury Care Clinic can provide you with the help and assistance needed.


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