Why Accident Victims Should Consider Paying Cash for Medical Care

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Cash Payment For Injury

An injury caused by accident requires immediate attention. Prompt care is required to deal with the medical issues that arise following a collision. In addition, it allows clients to have data recorded immediately so their attorney can present the clearest picture of the injury from a certified professional.

Patients willing to pay cash can receive more efficient care for a lower cost than they may receive through traditional insurance plans. Visiting an accident injury clinic in Orange Park, FL may protect your health, your insurance claims, and your legal case if you are heading to court.

Who Uses Cash-Only Medical Services?

The cash-only option was once used mainly by wealthy patients from abroad who could afford to fly in and purchase the best medical care. Nowadays, doctors are seeing more middle-class patients who want better value for the services they receive. Doctors may accept cash because it involves less red tape and time to get paid than working with a regular insurance company. People with insurance plans with high deductibles may benefit from paying cash for the medical care they receive.

How Does Cash-Only Medical Treatment Work?

Cash-only medical services are often referred to as direct care. Patients pay a monthly fee to cover basic services such as checkups and screenings. Those who require more extensive treatment after accidents may pay a bill with all of the procedures described and agreed upon up front. An accident injury clinic in Orange Park, FL will outline what kind of services you will receive and provide a reasonable payment plan for the treatment.

The Advantages of Cash-Only Treatment

Emergency rooms can be crowded and involve significant wait times. In this environment, doctors are often overburdened and may not be able to see patients for a sufficient amount of time. An accident injury clinic in Orange Park, FL can provide doctors who will see you immediately and provide longer examinations. When there has been an accident, you have to act fast to get the proper screening. In many cases, there is a tight deadline to give a report on injuries to an auto insurance company.

In addition, your attorney will need a full record of your injuries to proceed quickly with your case. You can receive the essential treatment you need and have these examinations done well before deadlines at an accident injury clinic in Orange Park, FL.

To find out more about the advantages of direct care, particularly if you have been involved in an accident, contact Injury Care Centers and discuss your options with our professionals.


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