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After a car accident, you MUST be medically evaluated within 14 days to make an insurance claim, or you will lose $10,000 in insurance benefits. At INJURY CARE CENTERS, we offer VIRTUAL VISITS... state-of-the-art TELEMEDICINE... to evaluate our patients and start them on recovery, quickly and simply.

Our doctors are available via phone or video call to: Graphic
Our doctors are available via phone or video call to:
  • Assess your injuries
  • Receive specialist consultations
  • Order prescription medications
  • Provide therapy equipment
we aim to make auto accident recovery care as
quick, accessible, and convenient as possible.

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We can evaluate a patient's health immediately after a car accident over a video call, and develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

We welcome everyone regardless of whether you have insurance or not.

Our priority is your health and achieving your best quality of life.


After a car accident, it is IMPERATIVE that you get a medical evaluation immediately.

There is no need to wait and travel to see a doctor. For injuries that are not life-threatening, an ER visit can be expensive, inconvenient, and even dangerous.

Our TELEMEDICINE service is fast, convenient, and much more affordable than an ER visit.

Our physicians evaluate you immediately, conduct a complete analysis of your medical situation, and treat all of your medical complaints.


Sometimes a car accident can leave a patient in such discomfort, that prescription medications are required to alleviate the pain.

Our TELEMEDICINE service allows us to provide prescriptions for patients quickly when they are needest most.


As a patient progresses towards recovery, sometimes specialized therapy equipment is required. These include electric thermocouple ice/heat pads, electronic stimulation devices (TENs units), splints, braces, natural gels for joint and muscle discomfort, and Exercise bands, to name a few.

These and additional types of therapy aids and products can be ordered by our doctors if necessary for treatment. They will instruct you on the usage of those products and provide a treatment plan for you to follow right from your own home!

Most Insurances will cover these items.

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Begin your journey to recovery today.


Injury Care Centers are located throughout northeast Florida: Westside, Mandarin, Orange Park, Southside, Oceanway, Oakleaf, Green Cove Springs, Jacksonville Beach, and Yulee and offer after-hours on-call assistance with doctors and other medical experts.

Telemedicine Available!

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