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Sports & Recreational Injuries

Participating in sports and recreational activities is an important part of life and staying healthy. Throwing the football with friends, teaching your son or daughter how to play basketball, or joining an elite soccer team has many rewards. As participation in sports activities increases, so does the rate of sports-related injuries. The most common sport- and recreational-related injuries are sprains and strains, bone and growth plate injuries, repetitive motion injuries, heat-related illness, and concussions. The best way to prevent injury is to wear protective gear, warm-up and cool down, learn the proper techniques of the sport in which you're participating, drink plenty of water, and rest. One move in the wrong direction, a fall, or sudden contact with another person could force you to seek medical attention. Rest assured you're in good hands with us.


We utilize the newest medical technology and modern concepts of care typically reserved for professional athletes. At Injury Care Centers, we combine the most advanced technology with the newest medical techniques to fast-track your recovery, helping you get back in the game all at an affordable rate. With so much at stake, why go anywhere else?


Sport- and recreational-related injuries include severe pain, swelling, and limited range of motion. It's important to recognize an injury and get help early. Our physicians are prepared to treat any number of injuries and provide the most effective rehabilitation treatments.

Piezowave Therapy

It breaks down the unhealthy, fibrotic tissue and increases blood flow to the area, promoting healing. 

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PBM Laser Therapy

This innovative therapy directs targeted laser light through the skin to reach deep-seated cells, ensuring you feel better. FASTER!

Heal fast with PBM Laser Therapy


This breakthrough therapy accelerates healing for sprains, strains, chronic pain and stress injuries, offering a faster path to wellness.

Less invasive alternative to surgery

Sports Injury Preparedness

Stop the activity IMMEDIATELY.

Wrap the injured part in a compression bandage.

Ice your injury to help minimize swelling, reduce muscle spasms, and pain.

Elevate the injured part to reduce swelling.

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