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Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome

The ulnar nerve is a large nerve that runs from your neck to your hand. It’s responsible for some hand movements and function. Ulnar tunnel syndrome is caused by prolonged pressure or trauma to the pad of the hand near the wrist or directly to the wrist joint itself. When the nerve is compressed, it can cause the hands or fingers to tingle or become numb.


  • Numbness
  • Tingling in the 4th and 5th finger
  • Loss of sensation
  • Pain
  • Impaired motor function in the hand and muscles
  • Weakness in the ring and little fingers
  • Trouble holding things
  • Clawlike deformity of the hand
  • Muscle atrophy
Treatment Options

Treatments for ulnar tunnel syndrome include nerve studies, medication, prescriptions, and X-rays, as well as massage and physiotherapeutic exercise. Our doctors will examine your elbow, wrist, and hand, as well as tap on the ulnar nerve to see if there is tingling. In some cases, we may take an X-ray to ensure your pain is being caused by ulnar tunnel syndrome and not an underlying medical condition. Surgery, physical therapy, or massage therapy may be recommended.


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