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Vertebral Misalignment Or Subluxation

The spine becomes misaligned when accidents and injuries happen. Accidents and Injuries tear loose the connective tissues that hold your spine together resulting in a weakness allowing your body to break down locking your head, spine and pelvis into a stressed position.


- You have limited movement and reduced function.

- Although you can still move and function, the limitation is always there.

- The vertebral joints and discs bread down and degenerate.

- Your nervous system is compromised and dysfunctional.

- Sensation, movement, circulation, digestion, respiration, reproduction, cognition and emotion can be effected.

Treatment Options

Adjusting the vertebrae restores natural spinal alignment, and results in an unimpeded flow of signals through the nervous system. This often results in a reduction of pain and muscle tension, and an increase of freedom of motion.

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